I think that libraries are very important and I am happy to support the Friends of the Drake Public Library because they seem to be doing good things. The Centerville library seems to have a lot of personality.

Friend and Silver sponsor Bob Glattly, Zephyr Cove, NV

When I moved to Centerville from Denver, I was concerned if there would be a good library. The Drake Public Library does a good job and has been a life saver for me. I can usually find whatever I want but, if not, they order it for me. I am pleased as punch!

Friend and Bronze sponsor Tom Davis, Centerville, IA

We made a quick stop in Centerville on or way back to Oklahoma from meetings in Clinton/Davenport. I was experiencing problems with Internet service at a motel, so I went to the Drake Public Library (of course). I was wandering around looking for a place to set up the computer when the lady manning the desk noticed and gave me the key to the reference room upstairs. Just typical of the type of service one gets at our library. Is there any wonder why we all love it?

Friend and Bronze sponsor Jim Isaacson, Hugo, OK

The first time I came to the library I was welcomed with open arms and have become close friends with not only the other moms there, but the librarians. Everyone at the library has been great towards me and my children. They are always looking for ways to make learning fun for my kids. My kids always look forward to Story Time and are always anxious to see what books they will read and what the activity will be.
One of the best memories I had growing up was going to Story Time at our town’s library. Now that I have kids, I’m so happy there is a program at the Drake Library that I can take my kids to so they can make their own memories with great friends.

Library patron – Chelsea White

When asked: “Why do you like the Drake Public Library?”

Because it’s fun to read and they have the best books!

Drake library patrons – Faith & Hunter Smith

The staff is so friendly and remembers your name and what your kids like. The Summer Reading Program is the best in the area…The programs offered by the kids are great. My daughter loved the American Girl Tea Party.

Drake library patron – Angela Smith

If you have a story to tell, and if you can tell it in a very compelling way, you engage people, and make them want to give. People want to give to a successful organization.

Author Unknown