Donors List

2017 Donors to Drake Public Library Foundation

Anonymous (2) 
Virgil and Arfleata Bain 
Bradley, Kevin and Jeri 
DePond, Jack and Stanley, Mary Ellen 
Heffron, William and Justine 
Heikes, Dr. Larry and Betsy 
Lind, Pete 
McConville, Dewey and Brad 
McDanel, Jody and Susan

Milburn, Vern and Debbie

Moritz, Glenn and Dana 
Padovan, Virginia 
Peterson, Merrill and Nancy 
Roos, Richard and Kathryn 
Shepard, Tisha 
Smith, Neal and Etta

Tice, Sharon 
Turner, Richard and Shirley 
Wakefield, Richard and Maryanne

Whisler, Jerry and Cathy 
Young, Margaret