Airport Zoning Commission

The provisions of Chapter 329 of the Iowa Code of Iowa are adopted. (Ord. 1069, 1 1978).  The Airport Zoning Commission was created in accordance with Chapter 329 of the Iowa Municipal Code and consists of 5 members.  2 members will be selected by the City Council, 2 members selected by the Board of Supervisors of Appanoose County, and one additional member to act as a Chairman and to be selected by a majority vote of the members of the Airport Zoning Commission. (Ord. 1069, 2, 1978).  The members of the Airport Zoning Commission shall be appointed to such terms and shall serve in the manner set forth by Chapter 329 of the Code of Iowa and shall make recommendations to the City Council and the Board of Supervisors regarding the adoption, amendment and repeal of airport zoning regulations. (Ord. 1069, 3, 1978).

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Name Title End of Term
Nancy Buss Commissioner - City July 01, 2021
Tony Kury Commissioner - City July 01, 2023
Mike Thomas Commissioner - County July 01, 2021
Brad Wardlow Commissioner - County July 01, 2019
Leona Fogle Commissioner - City/County July 01, 2021