Animal Control

The City of Centerville requires your animals to be licensed yearly after an animal becomes six months of age and is able to obtain its rabies vaccination. Animals must be licensed by March 31 of every year. As of April 1, animals are assessed a late fee of $15.00 per animal. Citizens are required to show proof of rabies vaccination for all dogs and cats over six months old. Also, we are required to have a photo of the animal on file.

If animals are picked up by our Animal Control Officer they will be assessed a pickup fee which covers the first day’s boarding fee. If an owner reports an animal missing or the animal is dragging a leash or chain, the pickup fee is waived, but the $10.00 boarding fee is charged from the first day. The owner must report the missing animal to Centerville City Hall at (641) 437-4339.

To report a stray dog please contact the Law Center at (641) 437-7100


License Fee per animal: $7.50
Late Fee per animal: $15.00
Pickup Fee per animal: $50.00
Boarding Fee: $10.00 per additional day

The Animal Control Officer picks up stray animals, answers complaints about loud or vicious dogs, and investigates cases of animal abuse. Animals picked up by Centerville Animal Control Officer are kept in a shelter for seven days. If you have a lost pet, contact Centerville City Hall at (641) 437-4339 to see if it has been picked up.

The City of Centerville encourages all pet owners to be responsible stewards of the animals they keep. Animal licensing is the best insurance for getting your pet returned to you in case he or she becomes lost. It also lets our officers know if the pet is currently vaccinated against rabies. We encourage spaying and neutering as the best solution to controlling the pet over-population.

Prohibited Pets

On October 20, 2008, the City Council passed ordinance 1288 which prohibits Rottweiler, Pitbull, Dogo (or otherwise known as Presa Carario) and vicious animals to be licensed in Centerville. There were a few of these dogs which were grandfathered in to allowed to be licensed. No animal of this nature is allowed to be licensed in the City of Centerville.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brandon Clark Department Head (641) 437-7100