Historic Preservation Commission

The Centerville "Historic Preservation Commission", also known as (HPC), was established as a "Certified Local Government," (CLG), with the State of Iowa, by Chapter 2.78 of the Centerville Municipal Code on November 13th, 1991. The five member Commission, consisting of a Chairperson and Secretary, are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council.

The Purpose and Intent of the Commission as follows:

(a) Promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public through the recognition, enhancement and perpetuation of sites and districts of historical and cultural significance.
(b) Safeguard the city's historic, aesthetic and cultural heritage by preserving sites and districts of historic and cultural heritage by preserving sites and districts of historical significance.
(c) Stabilize and improve property values.
(d) Foster pride in the legacy of beauty and achievements of the past.
(e) Protect and enhance the city's attractions to tourists and visitors and the support and stimulus to business thereby provided.
(f) Strengthen the economy of the city.
(g) Promote the use of sites and districts of historic and cultural significance as places for the education, pleasure and welfare of the people of the city.

As a "Certified Local Government" (CLG) the following sites have been placed on the "National Register of Historic Places," by (HPC), through the Iowa Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service, who administers the National Register program.

(1) The Appanoose County Sheriff's Residence and Jail, 527 North Main St. - 1997.
(2) Courthouse Square Historic District, including the Appanoose County Courthouse, roughly bounded by Van Buren St., Haynes Ave., Maple St. and 10th St., - 1997.
(3) Drake Public Library, 115 Drake Ave. - 1997.
(4) Second Baptist Church, 422 South 18th St. - 1999.
(5) The C B & Q Passenger Depot, (now the V.F.W. Post), 1124 South 18th St. - 2003.

There are other properties in Centerville and Appanoose County that have been listed on the National Register by other groups or individuals.

Currently there is not a design review process for the City of Centerville. However, if State or Federal funding is used for renovations, typically the designs must adhere to the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation.

As a separate group the fundraising arm of the Commission is known as the "Historic Preservation Corporation", also known as (HPC). Through its efforts the Corporation has purchased and restored the Historic Second Baptist Church, on South 18th St., and the State Street Station, at Haynes and State.

Regular events held by (HPC) include a Gospel Sing at the Second Baptist Church known as "Second Sunday at Second Baptist" held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Another event is the "Drive Thru Dinner's" held at the State Street Station on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Proceeds from the Dinner's are used to fund (HPC) activities.

The Corporation also operates "State Street Trolley", a Trolley that is used to take historic tours of Centerville and is rented out for special occasions such as weddings etc. The Historic Preservation Corporation is often confused with the Appanoose County Historical Society, but they are two different groups.

They are responsible for the renovation of the Historic Second Baptist Church, where internationally famous opera singer, Simon Estes, sang as a youth. The church is host to 'Second Sunday at Second Baptist' on the second Sunday of every month, an hour of gospel music provided by local talent.

The Historic Preservation Corporation has also restored the State Street Station, where monthly drive-thru dinners are held on the third Thursday of every month, weather permitting.

The Historic Preservation Corporation provides the services of the local trolley car, State Street Trolley, for historic area tours and local events. The trolley is also available for rent for $150 for first hour and $75 thereafter until 10:00PM. If you are interested in renting the trolley, call Bette at 641-895-0176 or Sarah at 641-437-4102.

The Historic Preservation Committee was originally formed to assist in submitting applications for local buildings to be accepted onto the National Register of Historic Places.

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Nancy Klum January 01, 2024
Deb Davison January 01, 2024
Dennis Beeson January 01, 2027
Ron Creagan January 01, 2027
Jeff Boomgarten January 01, 2025