About Friends

Friends of the Library

One hundred percent of the income generated by "Friends of the Drake Public Library" is used to support the library. All "Friends" volunteer 100%! The only compensation is the satisfaction and pleasure of serving the library and the community. “Friends” supply the library with many items that are not covered by the general budget and we work closely with the library director and staff to provide support needed for activities and events that require extra time and hours that they do not have.


  1. Flag pole/flag- memorial to the library from a “Friend”-Rachael Burnside Memorial was for the flag pole and the Scott memorial went for landscaping
  2. Brick sign/lighted information insert Jim Craver memorial
  3. Garden sculptor “Boing”
  4. Mural Under the direction of “Friend” Kimberly Stonehouse with Americorp members
  5. Bulletin boards (3) two on main floor entrances and one large one in the children’s area
  6. Computers Part of a grant from Gates Opportunity Online Hardware-Partly paid for by Appanoose County Community Fund ($2000) and Friends of the Drake Library ($1250)
  7. Drinking fountain
  8. Baby changing stations (one in each of the two bathrooms)
  9. Two-sided easel
  10. Large print books (Friends budget $1000 annually)
  11. Reference materials (Paid $1000 to begin updating)
  12. Other books/audio books (Friends budget $1000 annually for audio books)
  13. Magazine subscriptions (Friends pay for all magazine subscriptions)
  14. 45% cost of new software for online card catalog ($1244) Follett Destiny
  15. Purchased Four new bookshelves for the children’s library
  16. Purchased Magazine racks on main floor
  17. Purchased Board Book bookcase for children’s library
  18. Purchased computer for main computer lab using money from HyVee Round up fundraiser ($1,000)
  19. Purchased four bean bag chairs for children’s library

Services: The Friends assist in supporting all ages-not just the children

  1. Books for Babies
  2. Snacks for the children’s Story Time and After-School Programs
  3. Support all of the children’s programs including the Summer Reading Program
  4. Assist with Scholastic Book Fair
  5. Fund 100% of the Summer Reading Program special events and incentives
  6. Books delivered to nursing homes monthly by a “Friend”
  7. Holds several fundraisers annually
  8. Pay for annual subscription to Bridges  – Iowa’s e-book lending program