Library Board

The purpose of this Board is to provide for the creation and appointment of a City Library Board of Trustees, and to specify that board’s powers and duties.  (Ord. 1031, 1, 1975).  There is established a free public library for the city, to be known as the Drake Free Public Library.  (Ord. 1031, 2, 1975).  This Board was created in accordance with Chapter 392.5 of the Code of Iowa and Chapter 2.56 of Centerville Municipal Code and established May 6, 1901 and consists of nine members who must be citizens of Centerville.  One may be a County resident, all members are appointed to this board per Chapter 2.56. They are recommended by Mayor and approved and appointed by the City Council to serve at the Council’s pleasure.  Commission members are appointed for 6 years (except to fill vacancies) expiring on July 1st.   Appointments shall be made every 2 years of one-third the total number as near as possible, to stagger the terms.  (The present incumbents are confirmed in their appointments and terms).  They meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesday at 5:00 PM.  Board elects the president, vice president and secretary according to their own by-laws at the annual meeting in July in accordance with 2.56.100, which also requires an annual report to be given to the City Council by the board.  Board powers and duties are in accordance with 2.56.060. (Ordinance 1073 1, 1978) and (Ordinance 1031 – 1975). 

Name Title Phone Number Email
Kristin Craver Children's Librarian
JeNel Barth Library Director
Name Title End of Term
Nicole Cox July 01, 2029
Julie Eagen Vice President June 30, 2024
Michelle Moore Secretary July 01, 2025
Dennis Beeson Trustee June 30, 2029
Kathy Cridlebaugh Trustee July 01, 2028
Ron Eggerman Trustee
Kris Hoffman Trustee
Michael Cockrum Trustee
Janell Armstrong Trustee