Municipal Waterworks Board

This Board was created in accordance with Chapter 388 of the Code of Iowa and Chapter 2.56 of Centerville Municipal Code and consists of five members who must be citizens of Centerville.  They are recommended by the Mayor and approved and appointed by the City Council to serve at the Council’s pleasure.  Commission Members are appointed for 5 years.  They meet on the 2nd Monday at 11:00 am at City Hall. 

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Marsha Wells
Debra Smith
Jason Fraser 641-437-4339
NameTitleEnd of Term
Bill Milani


August 1, 2022

Glen Moritz

August 1, 2020

Cindy Sherrard

August 1, 2021

Bev Jewett

August 1, 2023

Ryan Stober

August 1, 2024