Public Works Project Schedule for 2021

Centerville Public Works is currently working on its 2021 project schedule.  The following projects are slated to occur during this building season.  Final start dates are still being determined. Please check back in a few weeks for more information.

City of Centerville Projects:

  • Wastewater Plant Project – Likely to begin over the summer and continue for the next year and a half.
  •  Airport Lighting Project – Starting this summer to be completed before the summer of 2022
  • Reconstruction of Michels Drive
  • Overlay of Oak Street, Portions of Garfield, Portions of N. Park St.
  • Paving of Garfield between Main and Maple.  Widening the road and fixing the turn radius.
  • Installation of Tennis Court Bleachers
  • Installation of Historic Style Light on State between Square and Haynes
  • Trail Lighting in City Park
  • Completion of the Disc Golf Course Upgrades
  • Sidewalk Project from City Park to Main Street and Lakeview to All-Play.

Other Entity Projects:

  • Alliant Gas Main Replacement on Southside of City
  • County Jail Construction - Groundbreaking in April of 2021
  • Community Orchard at All-Play
  • Mill and Overlay of Highway 5 from Numa HWY to North Corporate line
  • Alliant Burial of Square Utilities and H Frame Removal